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Five Pureflix Movie Reviews

I ditched Netflix when Cuties aired. It was an easy decision. The rage that bubbled up in me after seeing a major streaming company dabble in soft child p*rn was instant and lasting.

But like most other families, we like movies and my youngest kids enjoy a good TV show when they aren't watching YouTubers play games, so I opted to try PureFlix.

Really, all I wanted was a streaming service I didn't have to worry about. Consoling a child at 2am after they saw something they shouldn't isn't my idea of a good time.

I was expecting a lot of poorly funded films and TV shows that looked like they were made in iMovie and edited in PicMonkey but have been pleasantly surprised.

Without further ado, here are five PureFlix moves my kids and I have loved.


This movie follows a school-aged boy with a bit of a chip on his shoulder due to playing second fiddle to his soccer champion older brother. He gets his chance to shine and learns discipline and perseverance after signing up for his school's chess club.

Possible issues for younger/sensitive kids: there are scenes of drinking, drunk driving, and teen death but none of it is glorified and you don't see it happen. 10+


Oh man, so this movie is good but I've had to sit through it 5+ times as my youngest loves it. It follows a teenage boy who finds a robot. The robot, F.R.E.D.I. and the doctor who created it are being pursued by an evil corporation. ET vibes but with a robot instead of an alien. Pretty good graphics. 8+

Doggy Daycare

An adult may have a hard time watching this movie, but kids in the 4-10 range, especially if they like dogs, will love it. It's cute and has some entertaining action for the littles. 4+

Not Broken

This movie follows a teenage girl with a severe learning disability and how it impacts her education and attempt to find a job. Spoiler....she decides to pursue a career in art and is successful. The overall message is to resist discouragement and focus on what you're good at which is a great lesson for any kid. Ages 8+

Gadget Gang

My youngest enjoyed this one. From the website: A group of kids help five quirky little aliens who crashed into Earth, fix their spaceship, and together they save the universe from danger."

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