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Free Daily & Weekly Homeschool Planners

Homeschooling is a blessing, privilege...and a challenge. This is my fifth non-consecutive year homeschooling.

My first was when my oldest was in kindergarten. I had so much fun setting up an elaborate homeschool room complete with apple cutouts for the wall. Unboxing my very first curriculum was beyond exciting and I pored over every single book and pamphlet.

My second year homeschooling was when my middle and oldest had left a school that wasn't a good fit for them. The primary language it was in wasn't their first and once again, I found myself homeschooling as a means of meeting their needs.

My current homeschooling stint began when our school went online in 2020. Last school year we were blessed with a drop-off co-op but then decided to take things back home again and haven't looked back.

Whether you have a co-op, group, or you homeschool on your own, I've found that some level of organization helps. It's easy for the day to get ahead of me so I like to write down what I'd like the kids to get done within our curriculum and co-op classes.

This helps us feel a sense of accomplishment and puts us at ease knowing we've done what we've intended to.

Staying on track and making sure the kids are meeting their education goals, finishing assignments, etc. is really important to me.

I know there are many who unschool and while I respect the free-form approach, we all do better in my family with a more structured approach, even though our days are pretty laid back. At the end of the day I really like seeing what we've done.

We've created a few Homeschool Weekly & Daily Planner sheets to help you out. You can download them for free below.

You can use one for each child or combine them all on one sheet. I like writing down the subjects we're tackling that day, any specific educational goals (multiplication table practice, spelling practice, etc.), To Dos, and have included a space for a verse of the day.

Homeschooling has never been a piece of cake for me although it does feel natural, if that makes sense. For me, it's my faith in God that keeps me going. Knowing Jesus is with me, strengthening, and supporting me is what makes it possible for me to show up for my family and be mama, teacher, cook, therapist, and all the rest.

There are three versions for the Daily Planner: One with four different verses, one with a space to write your own verse, and one without one. You pick!

The pack also includes versions with a white background for easy printing. 12 pages in total.

Download here:

Free Homeschool Planner Printables (PDF files):

Homeschool Planner Printables
Download PDF • 3.23MB

I hope your day is a peaceful and fun one. Keep up the great work (and play!).

love, Bunmi


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