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Giving Activity: Cupcake Kits

Here's a really simple way to do something sweet (literally) for a friend or someone in your community who might need a pick-me-up. A homemade cupcake kit will put a smile on the face of anyone caring for kids and they're so easy to make.

I baked cupcakes earlier this week and once cooled, packed half up in a gallon sized Ziploc with a few paper towels inside to catch any residual condensation.

In little bags, you can pop in various sprinkles, chocolate chips, or whatever decorations you have around the house. It helps to make individual decoration kits because we all know how children are and we're trying to bless people, not cause problems in their house.

Put half a can of frosting in a container and you're good to go!

Your kids can decorate half of the cupcakes and someone else can have the pleasure of decorating the other half. Six cupcakes is truly enough for our household, but double it if you've got a full house or are sending a kit over to someone with a large brood.

This "craft" is a simple way to teach kids to think about others and brighten someone's day in the process.

Pop a little encouraging note in the kits for an extra hug. You can drop these off drive-by style. Put it in your friend's mailbox and leave them a text. They'll love it.

Happy baking!


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