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Home Life: Trader Joe's Haul & What I'm Reading

Like everyone, I love love love Trader Joe's. When I was in my twenties living in southern California it was my go-to grocery store for almost everything (other than produce and meat). Their private label products are always so much fun. So, if you're a Trader Joe's fan, here are some of the things I grabbed yesterday.

The Mandarin Orange Chicken: I didn't actually pick this one out, my 14-year old did. Battered Asian-style chicken dishes aren't my favorite, but I'll try and let you know how it is!

Freeze-dried everything is beloved in my household. I mean, everything. We have currently have freeze-dried ice-cream and gummy worms in our home, too.

Taco seasoning. It just looked really cute and was so full! Easily enough for two taco night's each. We have taco night at least once a week. I don't use a whole packet because my youngest is spice averse.

Chicken Taquitos and Chicken Enchiladas. We made the taquitos in the oven and they were sooo good! Oh my gosh. They'd be really nice with salsa verde. We were out, but had them with sour cream. We haven't tried the enchiladas!

Soup dumplings! I have wanted to try soup dumplings for forever and a half. Dumplings filled with soup? The idea is just so neat. I bought two boxes of these!

I love samosas. There used to be a movie theater in an old neighborhood I lived in that served paper bags of them. I picked up these vegetable ones to serve alongside whatever rice and stew dish I make this week.

Ube is southeast Asian yam and I love it. There's a place near me that sells ube boba made with real ube, not the bright purple mix (although I like the fake stuff as well), and it's so delish. Haven't tried these yet, but I can't wait to!

I keep hearing that everyone needs sunscreen. This kinda feels not true to me (LOL), but I do like how moisturizing sunscreen is so I bought this one. I'm really impressed with how far TJ's skin and body care products have become wow. There was a Brazil Nut body scrub, but it reminded me of the apricot body scrubs I used as a teen that I'm pretty sure took off an important layer of skin every time I used it, so I passed.

This Super Lemon Room Spritz was only $1.99 and smells SO GOOD. I bought two. It has the strongest lemon essential oil spray but not in an overwhelming way, in a way that makes you want to breathe it in so deeply it fills your brain. It smells that nice. It smells like you've been cleaning with natural products.

These bubble tea cups are from Target, but I'm including them in this post because I bought them yesterday. When I saw these bubble tea cups I knew we had to try them. They have kind of a lot of sugar, but they don't taste super sweet so do what you will with that info. They came in a pack of four.

They're really good. Just make sure they are very cold. If you're trying to order boba/bubble tea less, have a few of these in the fridge. There were a few other flavors and a low-sugar option, too.

What I'm Reading:

You're Going to Make It Devotional: It's funny because I was emailed about this devotional by Lysa Terkeurst months ago by someone at her publishing house. I could have gotten a free copy, but I'm not good at email so that message is buried somewhere.

But when I was walking through Target, the title jumped out at me: You're Going to Make It.

To be honest, I probably would have not picked up the devotional except I happened to see a short YouTube video where she talks about some of the really devastating challenges she's faced. To know what she went through and that she is still out here loving and serving Jesus, made me really want to read her book.

When people go through fire and come out talking about God, I want to hear.

I'm on Day 2 of the devotional and it's so REAL and good. No one is paying me to say this ( I disclose sponsorships) and I don't know Lysa. She's super famous and doesn't need my help selling books.

The topics are all about navigating life with God when the going is rough, you're healing, having messy feelings, etc. I love that like God, she meets you where you are.

You can find the book here- she has other good ones, too (haven't read them, they just look really good):

I'm sharing snippets of the inside pages in my Instagram stories:

Back to Trader Joe's: I also bought: corn tortillas, a really, really hot habanero sauce that I can't make my mind up about because it burns but tastes good, cold-pressed celery juice that tasted like liquid grass + poison but made me feel like a healthy princess, and I think that was it!

Until next time...xox Bunmi

PS. I've loved the song King of My Heart for awhile, but it was just speaking to me today. Steffany Gretzinger is just...well listen to it here.


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