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My Son's Book Haul: Part III

Book three in my son's recent book haul was an unexpectedly amazing book called, "The Creator in You" by Jordan Raynor. I say "unexpected" because the title threw me off! To be honest, I was expecting a book that touted the common belief that human beings are their own gods...but this was just the opposite.

This book tackled the reality of every follower in Jesus have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and what that means from a perspective of God being the Creator.

I was shocked by how the author broke down the truth that if we're made in God's image, it means we have creation power too.

This book is inspiring both for children and adults. It's exciting to read and great reminder that God gave us gifts to use and build with. The illustrations are dreamy and gorgeous.

I highly recommend this book! It'll encourage your child (and you!) to dream and think big.

10/10. Jordan Raynor and WaterBrook Press knocked it out of the park with this one. It'll be a favorite in your home library.

I've added it to my Amazon Storefront* here: The Creator in You

You can also find it on*: The Creator in You

I'm an affiliate of Amazon and but all opinions are my own.


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