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Podcast Episode 2:Home Stretch Lunch Ideas

Episode 2 is live! As always, it's family friendly and safe to listen to with kids in the room or car.

The topic is Home Stretch Lunchbox Ideas and includes a giveaway from our episode sponsor, Hello Bestea.

Summer is almost here. You got this. In this episode I share a couple of really mediocre but doable lunch ideas.

I then shared some of the favorite lunch ideas of your kids' favorite lunches and funn lunch stories that you shared with me via Instagram and Facebook- these were awesome.

I somehow tied it all back to Gideon from the Bible and how even though he was super weak, he was really strong and able to do big stuff because of who God said he was.

Meet our Episode 2 Sponsor: Hello Bestea

The giveaway is CLOSED.

Congrats to winner Lila B! Thanks Hello Bestea!

Hello Bestea sells adorable, fun, and easy Bubble Tea Kits! Each kit comes with everything your kids (or you) need to make five drinks of your favorite flavor at home. Tapioca/boba included! What better to way to keep the kids busy for an afternoon this summer? Flavors include: taro, honeydew, strawberry, mango, and more. Visit the Hello Besteas shop Follow them on Instagram


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