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Podcast Episode 3: Picky Eaters

Welcome to episode 3 of the Lunchbox Club with Bunmi Laditan where all things feeding children is the topic!

Today we have a special guest on the show: author, illustrator and art professor at Indiana Wesleyan University, Keith Lowe.

Keith is a father of three and the author and illustrator of the children's book: The Titans of Taste. The book follows a gang of hilarious characters who show two children a fun, new world of food pairings.

In this episode, Keith and I talk about being parents just trying to get our kids to eat and the creative process (don't give up, artists and writers!).

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The contest to win a copy of Keith's book is closed. Order your copy here.

The winner of The Titans of Taste by Keith Lowe is...Joan Spector!


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