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The Hardest Part of Homeschooling

We just finished math. Everyone's tired and spent.

Homeschooling isn't easy. I think that's why I fought it so hard at times. But it's easier than doing traditional school when that isn't right. A mom once told me to always remember my "Why." That's what keeps me here.

That said, today the Pythagorean Theorem almost did us in. We have a great curriculum with all kinds of videos and worksheets.

But you see, the child of mine I was working with, her brain is similar to mine.

She needs it explained. In lots of different ways. Using drawings. Reinforcing old math concepts with new ones. It's exactly how I need math, and many other things, explained. We drew images of trees and roots and compared them to square roots and exponents ( maybe you had to be there).

We argued. Got short and hot.

"I know you can do this," I said and mean it because we can see their potential even when they think the mountain is too high or not worth climbing at all.

And then it clicked. She did four problems on her own.

Thing is, I know she'll never need the Pythagorean Theorem in life. She doesn't want to continue on to higher math or become an engineer. She hates math.

But she will need to know she can rise to the occasion. She'll need to have confidence in herself and know how to trust the process. She'll need to know that it's ok to break down big concepts into smaller ones and that everyone learns differently. She needs to be ok with how she learns and not give up.

That's the hard part of homeschooling. Picking up your child when they don't want to keep going and breathing motivation into them. Not letting them give up when the going gets tough. Meeting them exactly where they are and walking them out of the forest.

It's like Little House on the Prairie on Redbull. It's a very hard dynamic to explain.

That's what's hard about homeschooling: the intensity of the meeting with your child of where they are in time and space. I suppose when you're learning, everything comes out. Every fear, every insecurity feels like it jumps out to be dealt with.

The truth is, we know they won't need half the stuff they learn, but they will need to stay checked in and keep going. They'll know there's no mountain that can't be broken down and walked over.

It's more than math. It's more than history. It's more than english. It's all that but always more.

Now it's time to rest. Dinner is in a couple hours but we're having a snack anyway because we need it.

Hang in there, mamas. Hang in there, babies. You're both doing great.

Love, Bunmi

I was posting on Instagram and found this song. It immediately calmed me so I'm sharing it here. God's with you. You're not alone.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10


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