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The Power of a Praying Mom

Mom life isn't for the weak. Our work starts not long after our feet hit the floor in the morning. For moms of babies and toddlers, it starts even before that.

On the average day, I wake up and right away take the temperature of the household: who is awake, who is still asleep, is everyone ok, who has eaten, who hasn't, is anyone fighting or sad? Angry? Who has something to tell me?

Not too long after that I'm making breakfast and helping kids with whatever is going on for the day. Summer activities, monitoring screen time, forcing crafts (jk, kind of), and giving rides of bus fare.

By the time I finish all of that, I'm being asked to make another snack or meal while I'm probably still cleaning up from the first one.

Oh and don't forget about laundry, floors I've been meaning to mop all week, sheets to wash, and emails. I'm very bad at keeping up with emails.

Motherhood is hectic.

But out of all the things I do for my children, I know the most powerful is prayer.

There's something about a mother's prayers. Maybe it's because we love them so much, or that we know them so well.

We can tell when something is going on with our children before most anyone else. We notice the little things from being with them so much.

The slightly off mood. The small frown. The worried eyes. The shifty look. The quickly changed subject.

Sometimes we just sense things. Sometimes we dream them.

Being a mom is weird because we have so much power in a sense that we control so much in the house, but we are also acutely aware of how little control we have.

Things happen. We miss cues. We misjudge or overstep.

What keeps me calm when there is so much opportunity to worry is prayer.

I pray for my children in the morning as part of my quiet time with Jesus. After journaling, writing to God about any dreams I've had or anything He's impressed on me, I pray. As I do, I often feel the Holy Spirit guiding me on what to pray.

I pray for them during the day. I pray for them at night. The constant conversation with the God who I know loved them before I ever saw their faces, helps me stay steady in this calling.

I pray for my kids' hearts, minds, and days. I pray for their protection both in body and soul.

I ask Jesus to reveal Himself to them more and more.

I ask God to remove anyone in their life that's not supposed to be there and help them make good decisions.

I pray that He'll help me be the mom I need to be.

There are times I thought I was so right about something concerning one of my kids until I prayed and God showed me what I was missing.

Whatever is going on with your children, I hope you know that prayer changes things and that you're not alone.

While typing this, I saw a picture in my head of a mother carrying her child to the throne of God and wonder if that's what happens when we pray.

Your prayers are more powerful than you think. Never stop.

love, Bunmi

PS. There is actually a book called The Power of a Praying Mom that I love. It's by a woman named Stormie Omartian. She's also written a book called The Power of a Praying Wife which is equally incredible. That book will change your life.


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