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Top Five Summer Survival Strategies

Look, summer as a mom can be intense. There's more cooking, more cleaning, more snacks, and mosquitoes. BUT, there's more downtime, no homework, and tons of time for cozy moments with your kids.

In this episode of #MomLife with Bunmi Laditan (formerly called The Lunchbox Club) I'm sharing my top five summer survival strategies so you don't pull your hair out by mid-July.

One of the strategies is air fryers. Yes, air fryers. They are important for a peaceful summer. I shared the top stuff I'm making in mine including a recipe I made up myself.

This episode is sponsored by my friend at 4U2B Books. They write children's books specifically designed to help kids grow in thoughtfulness and learn social skills. Great for ipad kids who rage quit Roblox.

Here are the covers of the books I mention in the episode:

Alphabet by Heart by husband and wife Jeanne & Mark Shriver (coming June 18th)

There's a Yeti in my Tummy by Meredith Rusu - Out Now


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