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Top Three Card Games My Kids Love

We've been making a conscious effort to find more screen-free ways to spend time together as a family and so far, card games have been a BIG hit.

If you're trying to have more fun as a family, here are three games my tribe loves. The kids even play them together without me with no tears.

*This post contains links from our Amazon store where we earn a comission but all reviews and opinions are ours.

Tacos vs. Burritos

This game is genuinely funny and will have everyone laughing. It doesn't require strategy but once your kids have played it a few times, they will develop certain tactics to increase their chances of winning.

The objective of the game is to have the most "food points" in your taco or burrito at the end. You win these by choosing good cards and sabotaging your family members in hilarious ways. It's good for ages 8+. You'll truly enjoy playing this with your little ones.

What Do You Meme: Family Edition

This game is one of the funniest out there. Even if your kids have never seen a meme in their life, they'll understand the gist of each photo and be able to have a great time. Moms, be prepared, you may be the butt of most of the jokes **crying emoji** but it's so good.

The jokes are all clean and it makes for a great Saturday night game. Best for kids 8+ but younger children can team up with an adult to help play.

Exploding Kittens

I asked my 10- year old why he loves Exploding Kittens. "It's a fun game with a lot of animals and I like the art style." This is a last-man-standing game that requires a bit of strategy but a 7-year old could have a great time playing it. There's a reason why this game was the number one kicktarter of all time.

I hoe you found a card game you'd like to try! To check out our Amazon storefront of games and cards my family personally loves, go here: Honest Toddler Amazon Game Storefront

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