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Book Review: What Color is God's Love?

I have been so excited to review this book since I learned about it on Instagram. First, let me tell you about the author, Xochitl (So-Cheel) Dixon. Let me tell you a few fun facts about this amazing women:

  1. She's first generation Mexican-American.

  2. She came to Jesus after stealing her first Bible- she paid for it a couple of years later! It was a mix-up!

  3. As a child, she loved books because it helped her escape the turmoil around her.

  4. She has an Instagram for her service dog, Callie.

"As a teen runaway, He protected and provided for me even though I still didn’t know Him or seek Him as I scrambled in search of myself, my purpose, my lost innocence, a place to belong, a place to call home. I’m looking forward to sharing His truth and love with You as He leads me to write and share each message He places on my heart." Xochitl Dixon, from her website.

So often we see children's books in stores or libraries forgetting there's a whole person with a unique story behind them. I love knowing about a writer's life because it often tells you why they write the books they do. Xochitl's story is one that is rich story of love, grace, passion, and an intimacy God and it flows onto the pages she writes.

I'm so pleased to share with you: What Color is God's Love?

What Color is God's Love is a gorgeous, vibrantly illustrated children's book that takes the reader on an imaginative journey of exploring the love of God through colors.

The book speaks the promises of God to the tender heart of a child where they will be locked in forever. I love how the combination of the beautiful illustrations and Xochitl's fun and light writing style take you away on a dreamland-esque adventure.

You and your child will dance through the rainbow with a crew of happy children in different color-coordinated scenarios.

The sweet rhyming prose set on a backdrop of playful scenes will be a lovely journey your child will want to revisit over and over again.

We're giving away two copies of What Color Is God's Love! Enter Here

If you win, you can always give away the bonus copy as a gift! You'll want to be snuggling up to this awesome book by a truly fantastic woman who embodies what it mean to love God and overcome by grace, asap.

Congratulations Xochitl! Your book is fantastic.

love, Bunmi


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