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For Kids Who Can't Sit Still in Church

I wrote a book to help kids who can't sit still in church.

Well, that's only partially true.

I wrote a book for my son who loves church, loves hearing about Jesus, but gets a little antsy sometimes. He's 10 but has never been one for children's church. He calls it too "chaotic" (ok Young Sheldon). And he really is riveted by a good sermon so we let him sit in with all the adults.

He's the type of kid who doing something with his hands helps him focus. But I noticed that when he brought sketchbook to help him listen, he'd get lost in what he was drawing and miss some of the message.

So, as any mom does, I took matters into my own hands. We created My Church Busy Book together, side by side with chiming in on everything from colors to animal drawings. It's a one-year, 52 week, church service journal for kids.

I loved taking notes as a kid- they made me feel official and helped me remember things I was hearing. My kids are the same way. We love writing and doodling and it helps us listen better.

My Church Busy Book helps your child stay present, listening, reflecting, and engaged. There are two pages of prompts for 52 services. It can also work for if your child goes to Sunday School and likes to write.

Your child will write down: Bible verses they hear, their favorite worship songs, reflections on what they’d like to thank God for, and more.

As your child fills out My Church Busy Book, they will get to look back and remember what they prayed for and see how God answered their prayers. It's a church service journal, activity notebook, and keepsake in one.

You can get it here:

I hope it gets in the hands of the right kids. lots of love,


It's $16.99-18.99 depending on your currency and lasts for the whole year. That's around .36 cents a service for extra fun, focus, and connection.

You can get your copy here:


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