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The God Who Parents

It's a sleepover morning at my house. There's a blanket fort in the living room. Boys have been playing video games since around 7am and battling with foam pool noddles.

Girls have been downstairs drawing, doing elaborate skincare with products I wouldn't even buy for myself. Mario something and Laneige. Young teens with baby skin and their skincare. It's adorable and baffling all at once. In my teen years we were all about Lip Smackers, Victoria's Secret and Body Shop sprays (cucumber melon), and that one apricot scrub that probably did more damage than good.

I made eggs, peanut butter toasts, and strawberries for breakfast.

Then I listened to the sounds of the morning. Kids on Snapchat, Fortnite effects, laughing, talking. Mom life is so full. I admit I spend time complaining to God sometimes as I shuttle my kids around or do another load of never ending laundry.

Being a mom requires a lot of giving. A lot of accommodations and anticipating needs before they ever come up.

Kids don't know how much we think about them. How much we pray for them. They have no idea that as they sleep or play, we're preparing for their next need.

I know God is like that. How many meals has He prepared for me? How many outings has He gone ahead of for me and made the path straight? How many unforeseen dangers did He eliminate before they could come to my door?

How many things in life has He cut up so I could eat them safely? Will I ever know just how much He has parented me?

All I can say is Thank You.

I'm reminded of that verse: "Freely you have received, freely give." Matthew 10:8

The work of God is going to look different for everyone. For many moms, it's right there in your house. As we provide meals and clean up spills, instruct, direct, call out that unacceptable behavior, comfort...we're giving.

But we're not God. We can run out of love and patience and all the stuff children need. In addition to needing a moment in your bedroom alone or a Starbuck's tea, or a hot shower, I find it's knowing I'm parented too, loved by Jesus who walks with me that fills my cup so I can fill the small ones around me, that makes it possible.

Keep going. Keep loving. I pray that the God of love and peace is strengthens, delights, and comforts you today and always.

❤️ Bunmi


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