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Pureflix Movie Review: Legacy Peak

I decided to try PureFlix about a year ago after being disappointed by Netflix (Cuties, anyone?). It's a Christian movie and tv streaming platform. So far, I've found a ton of great movies. Yes, there are many with lower budgets than Hollywood but honestly, knowing I can watch it with my kids and not be grossed out makes it a fair trade in my book.

The latest movie my family absolutely loved was Legacy Peak.

This movie lacked for nothing. It had great actors, a great story, a great script, top-notch production value and a positive message. It was funny, too!

The story follows a man named Jason who is trying to earn the respect of his girlfriend's kids before he asks her to marry him. She's entrusted him to take the two kids to their grandparent's house for Christmas when things go very wrong.

My 10 y/o watched this movie without being scared. There's no blood or gore, just a "lost in the woods" situation. It touches on death (the kids' father died in war), difficult childhoods, forgiveness, and blended families. It's really touching and both God and Jesus are mentioned as sources of strength and love.

Five out of five stars!

If you have Pureflix, you can watch the movie here:

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