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The Comments Section: No Tears (Or Cooking) In Heaven

I wrote a post on Facebook today about how I absolutely will be unavailable to make meals in heaven and the responses you guys wrote were so hilarious I wanted to memorialize them here. Feel free to send to a mom who needs a laugh.

Sidenote: I love that Jesus knows what it is to feed people. I mean, He multiplied and didn't cook the loaves the fishes (shout out to the unmentioned mom who did God's work putting that lunch together), but He took care of people so often. No wonder He often went away by Himself to pray. JESUS UNDERSTANDS MOMS.

Here's the post:


Imagine you’re in heaven and your kids, all in their heavenly adult splendor, ask you for a snack. The way I am calling SECURITY.

“This STRANGER is harassing me and I want them removed from my premises! I feel threatened and in immediate danger!”

Absolutely not. Go find the angel buffet. In heaven I am cooking up nothing but praise. I am off duty for meals eternally. Go eat a cloud idc. Matter of fact, who is mom? I am an unaffiliated child of God.

No one better ask me for a crumb. Collect some manna. I am released from that ministry. That was another life and a previous identity. How dare you bring up my past in this new domain? And who are you? You look familiar but I don’t cook here. That was the old me. Earth bound me. What even is a spoon. I don’t spoon. I don’t paper towel. Depart. Go play with the seraphim I heard them calling you.

goes back to sleep for 40 years

We are NOT cooking. 😂🩷

Here are some of the amazing comments:

Keep going, mamas. You're doing great. Mom life isn't easy, but we're never on our own. It helps to know milllions of other moms around the world are doing the same thing and a million other kids are asking for a snack while we're making dinner. Lots of love, Bunmi

To keep laughing read the post here: We're not cooking


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