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Check out my son's latest book haul

January is here and homeschool is back in session! We just officially began diving into work yesterday but truth be told, we were doing an hour or so here and there during the holiday break. We homeschool with a co-op of parents (I teach one of the classes!) and my two youngest had projects due this week that we chipped away at during the long break.

I'll say, as intense as homeschooling can be at times, it's also oddly very relaxed. There's no rushing around. I don't miss the early morning drop-offs (especially in the winter!). The cozy mornings at home where we the kids can sleep until 8am are a huge blessing. When they were in school, not only was I driving about 4.5 hours a day because their schools were far and spread quite a bit apart, but we had to wake up at 5:30.

It was rough on all of us. So as much as it's a huge responsibility to facilitate their learning and be on top of it, I really relish this calmer schedule and the time at home. I appreciate it because of how hard other years were on us. Life's like that I guess!

Reading is a big part of our homeschool life and I'm happy to have some new books to share!

Normally, I'm the one scouring the Internet, libraries, and bookstores for new reads for my kids, but yesterday my 17-year old daughter came home with a pile of books for her 10-year old brother. It's awesome seeing them get older and do sweet things for each other.

They still spend plenty of time roasting and practicing WWE moves on each other, but these moments of tenderness and care...well they really warm a mom's heart don't they?

My oldest picked up these books at a store in a Montreal borough called Verdun. The store's name is Librairie Chrétienne CLC Canada.

photo credit Danny Quesnel

My oldest described it as a really nice bookstore with a great selection of books in French and English. She said they even had a Spanish section. They had a lot of fun trinkets as well which we love.

There are four books I'm going to share with you guys over the next few posts! I'd do them all at once but well...motherhood, homeschool, writing, and I just enrolled in a school of ministry last week so that's fun. It's completely online and I'm beyond excited even though I've added another thing to my plate. My plan is to trust God.

It's almost lunchtime and we have a dentist appointment today so let me jump into this review!

Book Review: I Found Jesus: A Seek and Discover book by Theresa Richter. Illustrated by Michael Orth

If you love Where's Waldo and think your child would like it, this is the book for you. There several hilarious and awesome pages where one has to find Jesus in wacky scenes. The book is also very educational in a non-preachy way. It's genuinely interesting and my son has already claimed it as his favorite.

If your kid is the type who loves "fun facts" they'll be all over this book. It has maps, interesting's the kind of book your child can come back to over and over and read for a long time which we love.

It has a lot of meaty bits of info which you can read together making this a book one your kid can enjoy on their own and you can read with them and talk about.

I love the little details with info about Bible times. It helps kids understand the Bible in history and helps add context and texture.

Really great book for a child who wants to understand details about Bible stories (which is all of them, I find).

It's truly a well thought out and entertaining book and fantastic value. I want to relax and deep dive into it myself but my son is hogging it!

It seems to be hard to get on Amazon, but I added it to our Amazon Storefront (we earn a commission as affiliates, but all reviews are honest and our own).

Honest Toddler Amazon Storefront (working on a "books" section)

I found copies on Barnes & Noble,, and a few other websites so search around. It's worth it.

Happy reading!

Bookstore details:

Librairie Chrétienne CLC Canada

3930 Wellington St, Verdun

Quebec H4G 1V3


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