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Review: My Son's Book Haul Part II

Last week I wrote a post about a few books my oldest daughter found for her brother at a local bookstore. Here's part II of the haul!

First up, Everything Will be Okay: Courage-Building Devotionals & Prayers for Boys by Jenna Fischer.

So, I love kids' devotionals. Everyone knows how words of encouragement can make or break your day. Starting a day connecting with God and reading His words of love and strength change a child's life.

Helping them take time to pray in the morning as a child, rather than jump right on devices, will be a practice that follows them for the rest of their lives and helps them develop their own relationship with God outside of their parents.

I'm picky with devotionals and have purchased many of them for my own kids over the years. I reviewed a few of my favorites here.

On to the review:

This little devotional is engaging and sweet with well thought-out, simple messages. I love the prayer offered at the end of each teaching because sometimes kids don't know what to pray. A little prompting can help them find their own words.

This devotional is geared toward ages 8-12, but I think younger or older children could benefit from it, too. It doesn't have space to write, which I like to see in a devotional so that kids can look back on how life, their thoughts, their ideas have changed and how prayers have been answered. Space to write also makes it more engaging.

This devotional is an excellent one to do with your child as a means of opening up a discussion, especially at night before bed. You know how kids tend to share their worries and fears at night? This book would be fantastic to read from and talk about and then pray together about the issues that arose.

The devotional tackles issues like: worries about tomorrow, trouble with friends, does God hear me, etc. and is geared toward a child who struggles with fear or may be more timid.

If your child needs an extra boost of confidence and assurance, this book would be a great pick.

I couldn't find it on Amazon, but it's on* Happy reading!

*we're a Christian Books affiliate but all opinions are our own.

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